How To Make Budgeting Easier With Apps

Kiss your money worries goodbye and quickly take control of your finances!

Thanks to the digital revolution, the world around us is becoming more and more fast-paced. Not only making our lives busier but making spending money easier, too. It doesn’t take long for your hard earned cash to disappear into thin air. After mortgage repayments or rent, groceries, utilities, fuel, membership fees, and that special something you ‘treated’ yourself to this week, there isn’t a lot left over to put into your savings account.

Managing your personal finances can be stressful. But luckily for us, there are a number of mobile applications, or apps, to help make day-to-day money management simple. These budgeting apps allow users to clearly see where their money is being spent, and where savings can be made. It’s about keeping more money in your pocket, without getting a better paying job, earning a second income, holding a garage sale, or drastically cutting back on your lifestyle and living without your little luxuries.

Putting in place simple budgets will change the way you handle your money forever.

Banking Apps

The majority of banks now provide online banking AND mobile banking. Mobile banking provides a really easy way for you to check in on the status of your accounts, transfer funds between accounts or other payees, or you can even pay bills with ease – all from your smartphone. Available for both Android and Apple iOS users, compatible banking apps are only a swipe away.

Acorns Australia

‘Invest the change’ is the motto of well-established app Acorns, and luckily enough for us Aussies, they have released an Australian version of their successful app. The idea of this app is about saving away small amounts of cash for those rainy days (or in the case of squirrels and acorns, building up a stash for the winter). The way this app works, is it automatically invests your spare change, rounded up from everyday purchases into a diversified portfolio. This portfolio is automatically managed on your behalf by expert financial advisors. You are also given the freedom to contribute or withdraw, as much of your funds as you desire. And at just $1 a month, Acorns Australia provides a unique platform for everyday Aussies to invest easily, comfortably, and safely.

DailyBudget - Budgeting

I love this app! It is so easy to use and beautiful to look at. DailyBudget does just as the name suggests, it allows you to manage and view your daily budget, helping you meet your spending and saving objectives easily. DailyBudget is very easy to set up. Simply input your regular income, recurring expenses, and how much you intend to save, and the app calculates your daily budget. The excellent thing about this app is the analysis it provides over the course of a week. You can track how your savings will grow day-by-day when you keep to your budget plan. You can even budget for big expenses like holidays, new clothes, or a present for someone important. How good is that?!


Pocketbook is you ‘Personal Finance Expense Tracker’. The app allows you track and budget your spending habits, but with an added bonus. Pocketbook will connect to your bank account, allowing for real-time and up-to-date information with regards to your money and your budget. It puts an end to manually entering your spending and keeping track of large spreadsheets.

“Within 60 seconds of signing-on to the app, we automatically sync your accounts, get 80% of your transactions automatically categorised and upcoming bills detected. We'll send you helpful alerts for when bills are late, and bank fees are charged. Not to mention a weekly summary to keep your budget on track.” – iTunes App Preview

This clever little app has been highly rated by finance expert and Sunrise anchor David ‘Kochie’ Koch and has also been featured in The Australian, BRW, The Huffington Post, and Business Insider.

It is important to note that while these apps are helpful for managing your everyday money habits, seeking advice from a reputable financial advisor should not be forgotten. Gaining a projected view of your financial situation in five, ten, even fifteen years time from now will not be available through these apps. But combining your everyday budgeting efforts with solid financial advice can make for a winning combination.

Looking to seek advice from a financial advisor? Need a little help when it comes to budgeting? At Advanced Wealth we are here for you! Just contact us and we'll be glad to assist. Or better yet, ask us about SIMPLY BUDGETS, the home budgeting system that 27,467 people are using right now to master their personal finances.



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