Your Refinancing Guide

Your Refinancing Guide

Everything you need to know about taking the next step to refinancing your home

Whether you’ve been considering refinancing your home for some time or have never thought about it before, there are some very important items you’ll need to review before you take the plunge.

Refinancing your loan can be tempting, particularly when lenders are constantly advertising lower interest rates, new products or better lifestyle conditions.

It’s easy to get swept away, but it’s essential to really understand the process and always select a lender you trust before making a commitment.

In this eBook, we’ll be exploring refinancing in its entirety. We’ll cover everything from why you should consider it to interest rates and how to get started and take the next step.



I felt comfortable with Rick straight away. He understood where we are now and where we want to be in 5 years. Fiona is a god send with all the paperwork would not have done it without her. Rick and Fiona make the perfect team.



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